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Offering a complimentary vacation is the best way to entice a prospective client or nurture a potential lead.

Everyone loves traveling. Also, who doesn’t like to get lucky with freebies or bonuses? 

  Give away a vacation for a 30 minute call
  Send all your employees to Vegas, New York, Paris, or Bally as a bonus!
  The Perfect Incentive to attract and retain clients as well as workers 

Your Clients and Workers Won't Stop Thanking You!


How can we, or you, give away unlimited 

complimentary vacations?

We work with an industry insider that aggregates room inventory for 5,000 hotels worldwide. Hotels, in general, are usually not at capacity and always keep a percentage of rooms for us.


The reason being is that they rather have visitors who will buy food, drinks, go to an attraction, casino or gift shop then paying maintenance for empty rooms.


With this program you’ll have the power to give anyone you want, clients, friends, and employees, amazing 3-7 nights vacations at 4+ STAR rated hotels by TripAdvisor.


You're helping yourself attract and retain clients and works, and helping the hotels in bringing more visitors. 

There is 100% NO Time Share and no strings attached. 


For as low as $1,500 per year, you 'll be able to give unlimited vacation to 80 leading destinations

Win-win, isn’t it?

It's a WINNING Marketing STRATEGY.

Marketing is all about understanding how people’s emotions work and playing on them. If you can engage your audience and make them remember you, they WILL come back to you. 

An Oxford Economics study indicated that people are 3 times more likely to take action when offered tangible incentives (such as travel) than when offered monetary incentives (like cash discounts).

 So when you give your buyers or repeat customers complimentary vacations, you're intensifying their desire to buy and creating a permanent positive brand image.


Here are your next steps to take!

I would like you to experience the process. Sign up today for your own 3 night vacation.

If you aren't sure where you want to go, you can see ALL the destinations during sign up.